Elven Castle Concept 1

Letter found in the ruins of Kal’Tor -- recipient and sender unknown

The humans think to take what is ours! We, the chosen ones! Do you not yet see why we fight? These flat-eared usurpers invade our sacred groves, level the hills and pollute the sky! And we proud Elves, who saw their race grow from mere savages, who are set above all else as the protectors of the land and sky, must face the indignity of defeat! Only we are wise and knowledgeable enough to wield the Sacred Ore responsibly.

Today we take back what they have taken from us! We stand for the land, and speak for the land, and on these fields the humans will transgress against us no longer! Our mages stand ready, our bows are strung! We are the Elves and on this day we cannot lose! I will see you soon, dear one, and on that day we will celebrate victory!

Elven Castle Concept 2

The Elves are one of the races that the player must overcome in order to save the Kingdoms. Fast, powerful and in perfect balance with nature they have been at war with the humans for centuries. They are fiercely territorial and loathe to accept change, even more so now that the world has been blasted apart. The Elves are unable to deal with the new world, and rather than working with the humans only lash out, protecting their Kingdom at all costs.